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Finger-jointed ​​beam

Finger-jointing is a production process that has made it possible to obtain good quality knotless blanks that are widely used in the furniture industry and door production.

For the manufacture of finger-joined ​​beams, PE "Dizain" has the following equipment:

optimizing line Weinig Opticut 200 Elite II (Germany), 2 four-sides moulders Weinig Powermat 400,600 (Germany), 2 high-performance finger-jointing lines Weinig Grecon Combipact 4 (Germany), which makes our enterprise one of the leaders in the manufacture of finger-jointed ​​products in Ukraine.

The maximum allowable sizes of a bar that we can make:

  • Thickness: 18-60 mm
  • Width: 20-110 mm
  • Length: 6000 mm

Humidity 8-10%
Glue: D2, D3, D4
Capacity: 1200 m3 per month of finished products

In our production, wood finger-jointing is carried out in several stages. First of all, the lumber is placed in condensing-evaporating type kiln dryers "O.S.Panto" (Italy), there are 7 pieces at the enterprise, of a total volume of 1000 m3. After that, the dried workpiece to a certain humidity enters the optimizing line, where unacceptable wood defects are removed (trimming and optimizing are made), or lumps of appropriate quality are selected. Then the material is finger-jointed in length on a mini-spike with automatic application of brand glue (D2, D3, D4), thanks to which the joints are glued during pressing. When the glue seam is completely dry, we get a strong connection, which is considered one of the most reliable. Its strength is much greater and has a number of advantages over non-spliced ​​wood with a similar cross section. Then the finger-jointed ​​workpiece undergoes the stage of profiling using four-sides moulders to obtain the required shape for the customer. We produce our standard sizes, but they may vary depending on the customer's order.

PE Dizain is one of the most successful domestic manufacturers of finger-jointed ​​beams of softwood. Our products are mainly used in the production of interior and entrance doors. The enterprise’s partners are the largest European and Ukrainian groups of companies and plants, which have been reliable partners for many years.


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