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Molding is one of the most popular building materials. This relevance is due to its environmental friendliness, durability and functionality. Although this is not the main kind of activity of our enterprise, PE Dizain is able to produce large volumes of finger-jointed ​​and solid pine moldings. The plant has four-sides multi-spindle moulders at its disposal, which allows to produce moldings of various configurations up to 6 meters long.

We offer the range of such moldings: lining, block house, a board for a floor, a facing board (false bar), a platband, a plinth of various configurations.

Lining - a board which in the course of production is provided with a uniform profile, with longitudinal groove connection for dense joining. The lining is applied in finishing of ceilings, walls and facades, and also loggias. We make pine lining. The lining from this wood has the characteristic features, it usually has pale yellow color. It happens that the lining of pine turns out an interesting yellow color with a warm reddish tinge, this can be explained by the natural properties of pine. The lining from a pine material has high durability. This is a beautiful and practical, high quality natural material.

Block house is a special kind of building material, which is used for processing walls and visually imitating timber. Block house is widely used for internal and external cladding of premises. In this case, it differs only in thickness and width. The block house visually gives the impression that the wall is wooden and it was built of rounded log. We offer a pine block house, which is the most common and widely used today. The block house provides the building with waterproofing, as well as heat and noise insulation. The block house has good hygroscopicity, durability, does not give in to rotting, emergence of cracks and almost does not change in time in the sizes. The block house is optimally practical, ecological, convenient in assembly. The block house gives the chance to create traditional style and aesthetics of a timber blocking, its warm atmosphere and cosiness.

Floor board - the most common and traditional floor covering, which is known since ancient times.
Wooden floor board has the widest application in construction: in summer houses, in city apartments, the floor board is widely used in trade pavilions, shops, restaurants, etc. The enterprise can also make a spliced parquet board, which also has a grooved connection and is easy to assemble.

The facing board differs in that in the course of production it is given a special profile. It can serve at a covering of a roof as a wind board or to imitate a bar (false bar). The most facing board is used for external finishing. Facing board has a lot of different profiles: "lining", oblique and straight "plank", "wooden wallpaper", "block house".

The platband is a thin wooden profiled bar. It is cut by milling lumber with a moisture content of about 8-12%. Door trim protects the room from dust, dirt, moisture from the street. Properly selected detail emphasizes the clear line of the frame, hiding the unevenness of the walls.

The most popular material for the manufacture of platbands is wood. This is due to its environmental friendliness, affordable price and high aesthetic qualities. In addition, the wood can be restored, thereby extending its service life.

Plinths, fillets are thin boards of wood which are established between a wall and a floor covering, or a ceiling. Their function is to close the joints, hide bumps, cracks and other decorative defects, thus completing the smooth transition from vertical to horizontal planes of the interior of a premise. You can also lay a cable inside it and hide the electrical wiring.

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